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Speech Processing Group

Welcome to the Speech at YU, 

The speech processing group in multimedia signal processing laboratory was established by Professor Hyun-Yeol Chung in 1989.

We are interest in speech information processing using advanced signal processing techniques.

Research areas include ASR(automatic speech recognition), Speaker Identification and Verification, Robust recognition by using Microphone Arrays.

Currently, three members including one PhD student from China and two master students from Vietnam and Uzbekistan are studying in speech processing group.

We are looking for MS or PhD candidates. Please send an e-mail or call if you are interested.

Digital Image Processing Group

The advisor of DIP group is Prof. Jung, Ho-Youl. Since 1999, he and his students (Mr. Park, Ha-Joong, Mr. Kim, Min-Su, and Mr. Cho, Jae-Won) have been interested in digital signal processing, wavelets, digital watermarking, JPEG/JPEG-2000, quality measurement for transmitted multimedia data, and computer graphics (3-D meshes processing). Especially, they concentrate on the three research topics such as follows. Digital watermarking is a copyright protection technique to embed information, so-called watermark, into host data. The members have investigated the watermarking techniques for multimedia data including audio data, still image, video stream, and 3D meshes. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)/JPEG-2000 is international compression standard for still image. Prof. Jung and Mr. Park are the regular members of the committee of JPEG Korea. They are active in the mainstay of the committee. Recently, they are interested in the quality measurement for transmitted multimedia data. They have proposed several techniques for audio data and still image. Supported by the research project, A Study on the QoS-guaranteed Traffic Engineering and Multimedia Service Platform in the Next Generation Wired/Wireless Integrated Networking Environment (MIC, Korea), they are preparing a paper and a patent. As an international cooperative research, the DIP group is associated with CREATIS, INSA-Lyon, France. In addition, two of members are currently working towards international cooperative Ph.D degree between Yeungnam University and INSA-Lyon.

Media Communication Group

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